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You can rely on our experience and expertise. Spansec currently provides security solutions to the financial services, construction industry, hospitality, and schools

Spansec Security can supply and install your intruder, fire protection, access and survelance needs. We also provide a consultation to align with your own objectives and can install security the same day for your peace of mind.

Spansec Securty have a loyal customer base and aim to guide and support you in mitigating potential security disruptions. Unlike other security alarm companies, we have no hidden costs and we treat every customer as an individual.


Spansec Security offer a full maintainence service in accordance with British standards 4737. This includes a thorough full electronic checks, installation, location, power supply, control units and an engineers report.

  • Check installation, location and sitting of all equipment and devices against specification
  • Check operations of all detection devices.
  • Inspect all flexible connections.
  • Check mains and stand-by battery power supplies, including charging rates.
  • Check control unit for correct operation.
  • Check remote signalling equipment physical connections.
  • Test remote signalling equipment communication to the alarm receiving centre. (Applicable to monitored alarm systems only).
  • Check all audible warning and alarm devices.
  • Check system is fully operational.
  • Provide an engineer’s report.

The Maintainence process is critical for the preserving the health and integrity of the security systems. It can be detailed, time consuming and potentially costly process that can present problems if not completed. Our 30 year knowledge and experience in the security system industry allows us to offer a comprehensive assesment giving you peace of mind.

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Monitioring is our full security solution package, which we host from one of our two monitoring stations. Our 30 year knowledge and experience in the security system industry allows us to offer an extensive range of monitoring packages to give you full security and peace of mind.

CSL's Dualcom

CSL'S Dualcom is our most popular communicator accepted by all insurers as a very reliable dual signalling unit with a primary radio path (such as a mobile phone) but has the advantage of a world sim which will scan all available networks if you loose your current signal to prevent any radio path downtime, whilst using the back up (ptsn) landline to monitor the line and send blocked signals.
available grades 2, 3 & 4 (gsm & ptsn)


SCANTRONIC'S 8400 Digicom is the cheapest form of monitoring via a monitoring station as it only acts over a single path signalling, which line is monitored 23 hourly to check for damage / fault to the line.
available on grade 2 (ptsn only)

BT Redcare

BT'S Redcare is a proven dual communicating unit accepted by all insurers with a primary (PTSN) landline that is constantly monitored with a radio path (such as a mobile phone) to send instant signals if your land line where to be cut un dysfunctional
available grades 2, 3 & 4 (gsm & ptsn)

envier Speech Dialler

SCANTRONIC'S SD1 speech dialler acts the same as a digital communicator but it does not contact a monitoring station it will call key holders only, this makes it unacceptable as a monitored system to insurance companies and will only be accepted as an audible system, but there is no annual monitoring charge for this service so is the cheapest option of remote notification.
not graded

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